J’s Tree Service doesn't believe in pushing off our tree removal responsibilities onto unskilled workers. The owner, Jason McLallen, completes the jobs himself. This way, you know that an expert is removing your trees and that you won't need to pay for multiple visits to see results. Jason started the business in 2000, and since then he’s been serving his neighbors in the Erie area for nearly two decades.

The cherry on top? It doesn't cost anything to have Mr. McLallen look at your property and give you an estimate!

Tree removal services in Eerie, PA

Owner operated to ensure a quality job the first time

Tree Removal Services in Erie, PA

​And it's all just a call away!!   

In the Erie, PA, area, tree removal is just a fact of life. Whether you're dealing with a diseased tree, growing tired of a stubborn stump, or struggling to remove a persistent shrub, J’s Tree Service has the tools and know-how to safely remove your trees on the first attempt.

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There are plenty of reasons why you'd want to remove a tree from your property, and J’s Tree Service is ready to deal with all these causes. We can handle infected and diseased trees, overgrown shrubs, and other hard-to-remove plant matter. You can rest assured that if you need a tree removed in or around Erie, PA, J’s Tree Service is the one to call.

J’s Tree Service doesn't think small, either. We’ll take care of more than a single tree. We’re not afraid to take on jobs that require us to clear an entire lot. No matter how many trees you need taken out, we can handle the job with precision and expertise.

Owner-Operated for Quality Assurance

Don't Forget.....The Estimate is FREE!!!​.

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Everyone knows that removing trees yourself is a pain at best and outright dangerous at worst, so why take the chance? If you're in the Erie, PA, area and worried about the health of your trees or sick of looking at ugly stumps and shrubs on your property, give J’s Tree Service a call or text at (814) 572-2203 for your free estimate.